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not in my mattress

A Matt Devlin/Alesha Phillips fan community
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Welcome to Not In My Mattress, a fan community for the Matt Devlin/Alesha Phillips pairing. This is a place where fans are more than welcome to share fanworks and engage in discussion about the pairing.

rule one. Please, no bashing of other pairings or characters. It's just unnecessary.

rule two. Do not delete someone else's comment. If a discussion gets out of hand, inform a mod instead of going delete happy.

rule three. The lj-cut is your friend. Image heavy posts, especially, are to go behind them.

rule four. Your other friend are the tags. Please use them. If you cannot locate a proper tag for your post, drop a line with a mod who would be more than happy to fix it.

rule five. If you're going to post something that is decidedly NSFW, give a warning.

rule six. Be awesome.

rule seven. Making posts just for the sake of linking to your own journal is not allowed, but if you'd like to affiliate, go here

rule eight. Don't forget rule six.

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